MVNU Competitive Tournament

Tournament Director: Pastor Steve Brown

This tournament is not being offered in 2022.


The Mt. Vernon Nazarene University (MVNU) SPONSORED REC AND COMPETITIVE TOURNAMENTS are open to any player between 13 and 20 but not playing on a college team. The tournament will be divided into 2 different tournaments.  Players CAN NOT sign up to play in both.

The COMPETITIVE tournament will be on Saturday June 26th and will be a  tournament for skilled and experienced players that  should have experience playing for school or club teams (or play to that level).  The tournament will start at 4:30 pm and goes to completion (same time as Recreational tournament).  Players will sign up in pairs and be placed on a team by tournament officials that will include MVNU coaches, MVNU players and Tournament Officials.  In this tournament each team plays against all other tournament teams.  The tournament winning team is determined by best record for the evening (several tiebreakers are also available to be used).  Drink will be provided and each player will receive a $10 coupon for food purchase from the onsite vendor.  Cost per pair of players will be $20.  MVNU Coaches, players and Tournament Officials will be available to coach individual teams.  

Additionally, at the end of the Saturday competitive tournament an all-star tournament team will be selected to play against the MVNU players, coaches and Tournament officials.  Selection will be done by MVNU coaches, players and tournament officials.

Mount Vernon Nazarene University is sponsoring this tournament and there will likely be some prizes and giveaways.  

Additional information on rules and regulations can be found on the web at  There will be no gender requirements for either tournament.

Pastor Steve Brown is the Tournament Manager and can be reached at if you have any questions.

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